Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research

Creating content without keyword research doesn’t pay off.

If Your content will not be optimized so your traffic will suffer, and you might lose your traffic growth.

Find the Best long tail keyword research tool, which will help you to rank in google search engine.

when you are new into blogging and you must know how to find the best long tail keywords with the help of best long tail keyword research tool and the benefits of long tail keywords.

Finding best long tail keywords is a little difficult but not impossible. Before start writing content, you must choose the right keyword it is the most important key role.

Comparing with the other tools what are the best long tail keyword research tool you could use.

According to your content, how do you find the right keyword? How do you know that this is the right keyword for you?

There is the best long tail keyword research tool for you, which is easy to use and very easy to understand.

Before we start let me share with you a little quick intro about keywords.

What are keywords

Those who are in blogging they have a knowledge of SEO and they are aware of keywords importance but how do newcomers get to know?

Well let me tell you keyword is nothing but it is a word from the topic which you choose to start writing a post.

A word from the topic contains the long tail keyword or short keyword where it makes easy for everyone to write content for your blog post.

Basically what it does is it provides a reference point to find other keywords which are relevant to your keyword which will help you to spot your keyword from others in a google search engine.

You simply have to know what keywords to target for generating enough quality traffic.

To reach your targeted audience or to get ranked in the Google search engine the keyword is a crucial part. You can find with using the best long tail keyword research tool.

No more wasting your time let’s jump quickly into details.

In this post, you going to learn:

Best long tail keyword research tool

Why Keywords?

While writing an article or a content you might have a question that what actually people are searching for in google search engine.

Because it makes way better when you understand that the people are searching on a particular topic then you can just pick up one topic and it makes you easy to start with.

With the selected keyword, you can drive the traffic, you can target your audience and you can find difficulties by comparing with your competitors.

Keywords make your:

      • Search engine optimization much better to understand your page on google search engine.
      • It boosts your page to rank easily where everyone can find your page on the top list of google search.
      • You can target your prefered audience when your page optimize with the proper keywords.

You could find the best long tail keywords for excellent traffic growth and to listed in the google search engine.

There are more benefits of using keywords where you will find different types of a topic which are

      • How to optimize your keywords.
      • How to find the keywords.
      • And finally which is the best long tail keyword research tool to use.

You will find various keyword tool like uber suggest, Semrush, Ahref, Google Planer and KWfinder where some are offers for free and some are offers on the paid version.

What I suggest you is for every new blogger is to use a free service where you can get maximum knowledge and experience in finding keywords and understand keywords.

Well, there is one of the best long tail keyword research tool where you can find limited free service which is more than enough to learn what are long tail keywords, short keywords and how to use.

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In this post I am going to suggest you is Mangools Tools which is also known as KWfinder, Why let me explain you in detail,

Why Mangools Tools?

You’ll able to find the KWfinder to be more effective for keyword difficulty.Magools Tools

By using a free account of Magools Tools you’ll have the access for limited usage however, in that limited usage you can utilize the advantage of free service with a piece of accurate information.

You can find long tail keywords in low SEO difficulty in less than 3 minutes and find the hidden long tail keywords.

The best part is they have a dedicated keyword suggestion area in keyword tools while you search for the keyword you’ll find in the left side of the screen with a lot of more effective options.

Comparing with other tools Mangools KWfinder is the only one which is specially designed for the newbie where everyone can understand better and easy to use on keywords searching.


Keyword Research

Creating a free account on KWFinder allows you to perform 5 lookups which is it allows you to do free keyword research per 24 hours.

You can check 50 keyword suggestions per search as well as they provide you with related keywords suggestions. I know that sounds great right, it will be because they didn’t stop the free service here.

KWfinder provides you100 backlinks checking on competitor’s backlinks per 24 hours. as shown in the image below enter your keyword and click on the find keywords.SERP Checker is used to analysis of your competitor keywords

Moreover, once you like the service you can buy for the full version to use the great service. You can signup for free using the link here: Sign Up

There are several options are available in free version like finding the best long tail keywords, selecting the country for knowing the details as domain authority, page authority details, trending keywords suggestions and much more to do,

Not only for India also have access to see the detail of all other countries.

Result filter this is the excellent options where you can change from the default search setting according to your needs as you can find the details below

      • Search volume: Min to Max
      • CPC: Min to Max
      • Keyword Difficulty
      • PPC
      • Included keywords
      • Excluded keywords
      • Number of words

KWfinder keyword suggestion has a piece of detailed and accurate information comparing with other free tools and I would say this is one of the best long tail keyword research tools.

Find your keyword here:

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This is the best long tail keyword research tool which I like, the ultimate features and the suggestion box where you find to start searching for your preferred keyword in the search box also you’ll find the keyword suggestions which is relevant to your preferred keyword.

Along with that, it shows how trendy is your keyword as well as search volume where it allows you to choose the good keyword.

Now the fun part starts here why? I’ll tell you because of

Keyword Ideas

CPC – Cost Per Click, this will help you to choose the good traffic keyword from the given detail which is taken from the average Cost Per Click Google Adwords.

PPC – Pay Per Click, which will show you the average level of competition in Pay Per Click in Goole Adwords.

KD- Keyword Difficulty, most important part where you will get know how difficult is your preferred keyword from your competitors.

So that you can choose your long tail keyword or short keyword to rank easily in a google search engine without facing any difficulty using the best long tail keyword research tool.

Keyword SEO Difficulty developed by Mangools calculated from LPS which is known as Link Profile Strength of URL’s ranking in the 1st SERP.

Once you own the service then you have the complete access to use all the tools, to buy the service click the button Buy

SERP Checker:

SERP Analysis

This SERP Checker tool is used to analysis of your competitor keywords which shows you the position of the keyword.

Here it looks like:

SERP Checker is used to analysis of your competitor keywords

      • LPS: (Link profile strength)
      • DA: (Domain authority) a ranking score by Moz that predict how well website ranks, PA (Page authority).
      • CF: (Citation flow) It predicts how influential Url might be based on how many sites link to it.
      • TF: (Trust Flow) It is based on link quality sites closely linked to trusted seed sites can see higher scores while sites that have a questionable link would see a lower score.
      • FB: (Facebook Share) the number of Facebook share for given links.
      • AR: (Alexa Rank) Developed by Amazon, is a rough measure of a website’s popularity compared with all other website’s on the internet.

Considering the number of unique visitors and the number of pages viewed in each page.

      1. LINKS: Number of external backlinks for this item provided by Magistic.
      2. RD: (referring domains) referring domains is a website which has a backlink pointing to a page, or link to the site you are analysing
      3. RI: (Referring IP Addresses) number of referring IP addresses provided by majestic many domains and website’s can be hosted on one IP address

SERP Watcher:

Rank Tracking

SERP watcher is a tool where you can track your keyword with a piece of detailed analysis information on your active keyword.

All you need to do is by clicking on go to the app you have to create a tracking project.

Once you have done creating a tracking project then you’ll find the dashboard which showing your keyword position, changes and search volume.

For more information click on SERP watcher

Here is how it looks like

SERP Watcher

SERP watcher will help you to rank your keyword in google search faster by tracking your keyword.

It also tracks yours in desktops and mobile keyword positions for a better result. It keeps update where you can find on keyword changes with up to date accurate data.

SERP watcher will help you to Track the overall high-quality organic traffic progress of keyword with the graph you can see in the above image indicated with blue lines.

SIte Profile

Website Analysis

It analysis your URL and give the complete detailed information on your keyword performance.

You will see the overview in site profile like:

      • Page Authority Score: A ranking score given by Moz that predicts how well a specified page will rank, page authority also calculate include link count, Moz rank, Moz trust and ton of other factors
      • Domain Authority Score: A ranking score given by Moz that predicts how well a specified page will rank and its calculate by evaluating linking root domains, Number of total links, Moz rank, Moz trust and the list goes on.

This is how It looks like

SIte Profile

      • Citation Flow rating: This is developed by the Majestic and it is focused on link quality,

It predicts how influential your URL is and based on how many sites link to it, site profile gives you the scores as shown in the above image like domain authority, page authority, Alexa rank etc.

      • Trust FLow rating: Again this is developed by Majestic is focused on link quality. Sited closely linked to trusted seed sited should see higher scores, while sited that ha questionable links will see lower scores.

Link Miner

Backlink Analysis

Just enter your URL into the Link Miner tool which allows you to see the details of backlink analysis.

It shows you on source URL whether the URL is deleted or is that a do-follow link or no-follow link etc.

You can find the detail result on deep analysis of your URL as showing in the image below.

Link Miner

There are much more to do with link miner like as it contains the dedicated options to deep analysis of your URL.

Whereas you can get to know the information on the anchor text of the backlinks and link strength indicators.

Link strength indicators give you the accurate rating which you can see in the image above where it highlighted yellow in colour.

Also, it shows you the detail on trust flow rating, a number of external links and internal link, Alexa rating and social media shares etc.

You can trust and use the Mangools Tool because of their 24/7 customer service support, It provides you with accurate and proper information.

Like I said above it is easy to understand easy to use and easy to find difficult long tail SEO keywords.

I suggest you try for trial version so that you can find the benefits and make your self comfortable on searching keywords and then go for the full version so that you could be a professional keyword researcher.


I have been shared the information where I have used for one month and it takes no time for me to understand and bought for a full version.

This is the toll which I was talking from the beginning which is best long tail keyword research tool Mangools Tools.

As I thought it would be good to share this Mangools tools with you so that every new blogger could take advantage of free usage and let you gain some experience in keyword research.

Above mentioned all the information has been used and experienced by my self for one year and I want to share the benefits of Mangool Tools where I found helpful.

Before you buy the full version you must learn how to use keyword research tool and Importance of the keywords.

For every new blogger or struggling blogger, it would be so difficult to understand what keywords are, where to find and most important which keyword tool should you buy.

I would suggest for every new blogger the best long tail keyword research tool is Mangools Tools which also called as KWfinder bring the handy features, easy to use and better to understand for keyword research.

Comparing with the other free tools KWfinder has much easier to understand because of their dedicated keyword research tool and it gives your limited free service. Which is good enough to learn.

Happy keyword researching with Mangool Tools.

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